Feb. 21st, 2012

lillbet: (Happy tea!)
1.) Opened a Hotmail account to use it for selling things on craigslist. First to go (I hope) a pair of black leather stiletto boots I haven't worn in ages. They're in good enough shape, I guess, I just don't wear them. If no takers, amma make someone at the Goodwill REAL happeh. Want them? They're size 6.5, I'm charging $75 for them, and they'd be the finishing touch to a killer Halloween costume, or be the perfect footwear for your next date night with a wrap dress or pretty much anything.

2.) New season of Being Human starts this weekend. "New" for the slack ass fangirl who hasn't already seen it online. :P

3.) Just had a really lovely chat on FB with a very supportive friend. Love that. Sadly, we chatted right through the golden hour between 10am and noon when they (ie Jess) say is the best time to apply for jobs. Dang. DANG THE TORPEDOES. Doing it anyway, before another week goes by.

4.) Loving "Smash"- it's like "Glee" for grownups with lots of Broadway star power (Christian Borle! Megan Hilty!) and pretty boys. And Jack Davenport talking in his regular accent. WHICH IS ACCENT OSOM.

5.) Got tired of wearing sneakers all the time, so I went to DSW and bought some flats: 2 pairs of sparkly Steve Maddens, 1 pair of Taryn Roses with flowers, and 1 pair of metallic Kenneth Cole Reactions with bows. Used a coupon on the KCs, which I can wear to work, but not sure about the other three. Don't need two pairs of shoes that are the same color AND basic style. Also? Can't really be buying $100 ballet flats. Will come to grips with this. Eventually...

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