Feb. 23rd, 2012 11:53 am
lillbet: (Reading.)
1.) Yesterday I just totally rearranged my apartment (my dining room is now a small living room, the big living room is... empty). And I got rid of an old TV that's been sitting in my bedroom for the past (almost) three years. Yes. Fully aware of how sad that sounds.

I put the TV by my door with a plate of homemade cookies on top and a note in the lobby asking if some kind soul could take it down to the dumpster for me. TV=GONE, BB, GONE. EX-cellent.

2.) I'm taking a crocheting lesson this afternoon! I'm taking the wool for my cousin's daughter's afghan and getting it started. I've tried a few times, and the book is good and all, but finally I just decided the $35 was worth it for an hour of instruction to start me off. w00t!

3.) Plans are being made to see Seminar in NYC next month. Oh. Yes. Alan. Rickman. ON. STAGE. *sigh*

4.) Watched an episode of Man v. Food on the Travel Channel and... I need to try bacon-wrapped tater tots in Des Moines, IA. Like, now. It's a tater tot and a slice of pickled jalapeno wrapped in a strip of thick cut bacon and then deep-fried and topped with melted cheddar.

Yes, I am fully aware of how disgusting that sounds. Truth? Some days I can't believe I even think about food for more than five seconds because WTF?! and others I just want to get all mangia up in there.

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