Feb. 29th, 2012

lillbet: (Have a happy day!)
1.) Raining today. Feeling sort of calm and content. Heading out for a burger and a shake in a bit. Maybe hit up Redbox tonight for Drive and 50/50. Or getting a swimsuit- Old Navy is stocking swimwear now and it's CUTE. All retro 'n' stuff.

2.) Sent my landlady a more "me" thank you because my initial email was all SRS BSNS and she reiterated that she'll miss me. :)

3.) A younger cousin of mine is getting married in late summer. He and his fiance are fun- might go down there one more time before I go. I hope they still invite me to the wedding, because I'll HAPPILY fly, or drive, back for it. Don't want to miss out, but I definitely won't stay another *counts on fingers* 3-4 months just for that. Seems like there is always something, yes?

4.) Made red velvet cupcakes for the blog I'm doing with [personal profile] roh_wyn and I think folks were a little turned off by the frosting- boiled frosting rather than cream cheese. And I didn't boil the milk and flour long enough, so I had to add some things and in the end I had some leftovers. Ah well. They'll make good cakepops with chocolate frosting and chocolate couverture.

5.) Sun is starting to come out, so it feels more like this:

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