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(Finally got all the South Dakota pictures up, including the one of the rabbit with horns. Not kidding. Read part 6. Also, I ran out of disk space for pictures on LJ so I'll be crossposting from here. Yay! ETA: And now comments are enabled. WHEEEEEE!)

After Mt. Rushmore, I decided I was going to head for Devil's Tower. So I left South Dakota in my rearview:

There was also free Wifi. And the lady working there told me about how the roads approaching Yellowstone from the East (ie Wyoming) were still closed and if I wanted to see Old Faithful i'd have to go through Montana and approach from the West. No problem, I thought, and got back on the road to Devil's Tower:

I waled around the tower and took so many shots it was like 14 Views of Mt. Fuji, but with Devil's Tower, but since LJ is being uncooperative I'm just going to pick out a few for your viewing pleasure:

Don't feed the prairie dogs:

Got as far as the 70's hotel of awesome:

HAHAHAHAHAHA! I have such a dirty mind. SO. BAD.

So even though I removed this post from LJ, I'm still out of disk space on LJ, and I can't figure out how to post stuff here without putting things in Photobucket first, which is just a frickin' hassle. Also, I'm not paying for LJ right now- it's the principle of the DAMN SITE NOT WORKING PROPERLY, LIKE, WHENEVER I WANT IT TO, so... taking a break for a bit because the frustration is just... so much right now. Kisses!

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