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Stuff under cuts is short. And yes, second entry of the day. WHUT?!

1.) Chris Pine is rumored to be taking over as Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan. I posted about it on [ profile] ontd_startrek (apologies to those flisters on that comm who are experiencing crossposting difficulties, but I'M REALLY EFFING THRILLED ABOUT THIS!) Paramount confirmed it in Variety and Yahoo! News had it on their front page yesterday, so obviously it's true. Obviously. (I'M BEING WILDLY OPTIMISTIC HERE. HUMOR ME.) That would be amazing- not only would it wipe the slate clean of all that Affleck-fail (he really needs to stick with directing) but now is the time for some Jack Ryan. He's the thinking Bond- a political animal with patriotic sensibilities, a love of family, etc. but not annoying in an overwrought Republican way. Frankly with all the shit going on in the world it's time he came back. I'm hoping Pine gets to play Ryan Jr. and they do "The Teeth of the Tiger". Actually, I don't care- any Ryan will do. ANY.

2.) Note to the folks who make "Glee"- please start making episodes that last for several days, because a mere 42 minutes cannot contain the awesomeness. Last night's episode? GENIUS. Cannot wait for next week and have pre-ordered the first season on DVD. (Cast was apparently in DC recently- WHY DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS???)

I like minorities so much I'm thinking of moving to California to become one! )

3.) Oh, TVD, you're like a Twinkie. One that's been made from scratch by the Barefoot Contessa or something. I want to wave you off as fluff, but the fluff is so so good. Watched "You're Undead to Me" last Sunday while recovering from hellride.

It didn't have to be this way. )

Random, but I had no idea the CW has a music page for their shows. Have you seen this? IT'S AWESOME.

4.) Reading "Touch of Dead"- I love the idea that CHarris wrote fanfic for her own series. :D
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1.) Got back from Kelli and Andy's dinner thing and caught the last 30 mins. of SNL. Oh. em. gee. you. guise.

I take back anything bad I may have ever said about Lady GaGa. She's fucking amazing. Fucking. Amazing. (Wait a minute, I don't think I've said anything bad about her. In fact, I think I raved about her performance at the VMAs. Anyway...)

She freestyled her last number (the costume was a kinetic sculpture and it was awesome... until she sat down at the piano) and did a skit with Andy Samberg (both of them in her infamous bubble dress) that made me laugh harder than I've laughed at SNL for a very. long. time.

And Ryan Reynolds was awesome too (and he brought the wifey). Sadly, I missed the weekly Jean K. Jean (ZOOTALORS, Y'ALL!- I've downloaded all of those on Hulu and they always kill me). I'm totally stalking Hulu for GaGa now. G*ddamn! This woman plays a mean pie-anner, has some seriously weird-ass costumes, and she sings so well live it's almost a letdown to listen to her on iTunes now. She's the consummate showman... person. Is she touring? I want tickets nao plz.

ETA: Okay, that sounded "raging fangirl", but it was written at 1am after a very long, eventful day. I'm not going to be writing fic or making icons, but I'm probably boing to give the rest of her CD a listen and try and catch her live at some point, because based on what I've seen, that would be an experience to have.


ETA: Last week's episode "White to Play" featured an AWESOME bit where Chief Wedeck revealed what he was REALLY doing in his flash forward. I don't know where you can download it, but if you manage to find it, it's worth it- those little bits of unexpected humor are what will keep the show popular, imo.
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Can't say I'm shocked, but it is sad- well, it's been sad for years really. The abrupt change in skin color, weird nose, health issues, odd relationships with little boys, bizarre spending habits, farcial marriage(s) kinda killed the love- I lost interest in the guy officially when he dangled his kid over a balcony covered in a towel. He was everyone's sickly, weird friend who had some genius moves and whom you invited to your parties even though he stood in the corner muttering to himself and picking seeds out of his watermelon.

Musically I think he peaked in the late 70's/early 80's with Off the Wall (1979), Thriller (1982), and Bad (1987). The guy wasn't the least bit sexy, his voice was a bit odd though he had some nifty vocalization techniques, but in the end he was an awesome dancer who influenced and inspired later artists. I mean, hello, MOON. WALK. And that "anti-gravity lean" in "Smooth Criminal" (for which he apparently has a patent).

He's going to live on through the remakes (Alien Ant Farm). And then there are the parodies. Most recently the folks who do "psych" used a bit of "Ebony & Ivory" for one of their promos. And of course Weird "Al" Yankovic's takes on "Bad" (Fat) and "Beat It" (Eat It). I liked his collaborations with Paul McCartney, particularly this one:

My first albums- and by "album" I mean "vinyl"- were the Sesame Street disco thing-y (I could look it up, but I clearly remember "Disco Frog" and the rest is sorta... blocked) and the Jackson 5 reunion album. My friends went through gliltery glove, military jacket, and big sunglasses phases. "Thriller" was one of my favorite music videos- I didn't have cable but we'd huddle up in front of MTV at friends' houses and everyone would stop talking when the video came on and watch the dancing. When I had cable, any time "13 Going on 30" came on, I stopped to watch for the "Thriller" scene with Jennifer Garner in heels doing the dance sequence from the video.

Anyway, Michael Jackson definitely left his mark on the music scene and will be remembered for decades. Which is all anyone can ask for, really.
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Fuck that. How about NOT annoying things?


w00t! I've loved these guys for years and keep missing them. Emailed my darling sis and she totally came through for me. Big ups. ♥

Gotta fly. Artomatic tonight! See you folks later! :D
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[Error: unknown template qotd] I know I'm supposed to play along nicely and pick a random song ("Break My Stride" by Mathew Wilder maybe?) and be done with it, but I respectfully state here and now that picking a single themesong is horseshit.

Instead, I'd like to be present in the Key of F- a little jingle up and down the scale to announce me will do nicely.

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