Feb. 22nd, 2012 08:45 pm
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Thank you to [personal profile] lupislune for bringing this to my attention. Want one? They're on eBay:

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Saw a poster for "From Paris With Love" in the station today. The poster under the cut is not the same, but it got me thinking- what's up with the lanky Brit/bald American actioner? Is this a new trend? What other pairings are in the offing that we aren't aware of? Will James McAvoy be reunited with Common in "Wanted 2"? Is there a Ving Rhames/Paul Bettany movie coming out? There WAS a Dominic Purcell/Henry Cavill film out already... So many possibilities. The mind boggles.

Poster magnificance under the cut. )
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Okay, tbh, not a million times sold on Neeson as Hannibal Smith, but I'm still gonna see it.

(And why is Jessica Biel even IN this except to become Face's fuck bunny? Really?)

WARNING: Push play once and it loops.

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Kendrick joins untitled Mandate dramedy

Levine to direct movie, which drops old title


Anna Kendrick has signed on to her first film since earning kudos for her breakout role in "Up in the Air."The actress will join James McAvoy and Seth Rogen in the untitled Mandate dramedy formerly known as "I'm With Cancer," which has also found a new helmer in Jonathan Levine ("The Wackness"). He replaces Nicole Holofcener, who dropped out because of personal reasons.

McAvoy toplines as Adam, a 25-year-old who learns he has cancer -- a character based on the real-life experiences of Will Reiser, who was diagnosed with cancer in his mid-20s and successfully battled the disease over several years. Reiser wrote the screenplay, which marks his debut feature project.

Kendrick will play a young psychologist assigned to handle Adam's case despite her lack of experience.
Film begins lensing in next month in Vancouver.

Rogen, Evan Goldberg and Ben Karlin are producing. Reiser is exec producing alongside Mandate prexy Nathan Kahane. Mandate's Tendo Nagenda is co-producing.

Mandate International will be handling international sales at next month's European Film Market in Berlin.

Levine is best known for the Gotham-set coming-of-age pic "The Wackness," which he wrote and directed.

Kendrick, who most recently earned a Golden Globe nomination for "Up in the Air," will next be seen in "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" and "Eclipse," the third installment in the "Twilight" franchise. Both films are set to be released this year.

1.) YAY ANNA KENDRICK! Wouldn't it be hilarious if she slid under the radar and became the biggest star of all the Twi-kids?


3.) I'm predicting that because of her new found success, "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" is going to get hardcore Twi-fan love. WHICH IS NOT A BAD THING.

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I liked Dune- more than LOTR, actually- and I am ridiculously excited about this news. RIDICULOUSLY. Mostly because of this bit: Kevin Misher's Misher Films will produce with New Amsterdam's Richard Rubenstein, who produced the telepic "Dune" and the sequel "Children of Dune."

James McAvoy was Leto Atreides in the telepics and they were stupid good. The production values were amazing. They were shot in the Czech Republic with a mostly unknown cast and occasionally on soundstages, but the sets were so vibrant, colorful and amazing that it didn't matter that the sand dunes weren't real, etc. At least not to me! The day a friend of mine made me watch them and then said, "Here, you take 'em. Your dad loves this stuff, right?" I nearly died of teh happeh. CANNOT WAIT.

Random, but McAvoy is shooting "Wanted 2" which won't come out until 2011, but still- YAY!

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