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Seminar was good. We had lunch at New York Beer Company before the show. The play was excellent, but I could "hear" Jeff Goldblum in my head too, which was weird (he's taking over for Rickman in April). Crowded in there. :)

We had mojitos post show and then the bus back from NYC was wikkid late and we got back around 1:30am. I popped in ear plugs and slept until 9:30 or so, but still today has been a wash in terms of getting stuff done. Tired. Headache until a hour or two ago. X0

Boxes. So many boxes. Kels (Boyfriend for a Day Guy) is coming out on Friday to help me sort through stuff and (hopefully) take some of these boxes away. I could be more excited, but it would be HAAAAAAAAARD.

Made avocado ice cream today. Strangely delicious. Fresh avocados, slightly soft, are so good I could eat them with a spoon. A SPOON. They almost didn't make it into the blender.

Alan Rickman WAS AMAZING. AMAZING. We had our picture taken with him. Sort of.SNAAAAAAAAPE! )
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ETA: Welcome to my journal, [profile] ana_magus. :D

Just added [ profile] dhmoviepics to my watchlist. Bill is ♥ and the scene at Shell Cottage is going to be awesome.

Opened [profile] boing_fwip for fics and bit of novels I'm working on. Feedback welcome. I will alert the populace when I start posting. :-)

"Boing fwip!" is a sort of "BOUNCE OFF ME, STICK TO YOU!" thing that was used a lot in "Scrubs". Something I'm working on with criticism.

I'm home unwell today, trying to get stuff done, might bake some cookies and go for a walk. Gym at 5, then happy hour for an old college friend.

My new agent is amazing. I feel much, much better. My driveway is off Valley, thus the subject header. I feel like my sentence here is almost up and I'm up for parole.

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They mentioned the Harry Potter Lexicon case this morning on Today, but I didn't have time to wait for the segment. Basically, it sounds like some fan!guy (who publicized fake spoilers, by the way) wants to publish his version of a lexicon and Rowling has filed a restraining order and is upset because she was planning to publish an encyclopedia based on the books.

I have to say, after reading a bit about this online, that I am absolutely baffled at Vander Ark's audacity. He claims to love the series, and respect the author according to the open letter on his site, yet he is pretty much dicking Rowling out of her right to publish the definitive work based on her own ideas. And since it's unauthorized (ie being done without Rowling's approval), that should pretty much put the kibosh on it, I'd think.

Am I missing something?

If so, could someone explain it to me, using nice language and small words that won't hurt my brain?

Thank you. :)

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