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Today I used some things up, watched Drive, got rid of some stuff, researched health plans and found something cheap I can afford until I get one through a job (*fingers crossed*), and now I'm going out for happy hour.

Tomorrow I make pickles! And get rid of old clothes. And then have dinner with the parents and tell them I'm running away from home. Hah. :p

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"Lost Girls" was... YOU GUISE. OMG YOU GUISE.
If you like Damon you are in for a MAJOR treat. TRUFAX.

I left [ profile] tvd_fans because, well, I'm not half the fangirl some of them are and they're being nice now but I could see a pale moon rising at some point and my ass getting flamed into oblivion. So I'm bugging you guys instead. YAY. (Also, as I mentioned to [ profile] nadinetink a bunch of members over there are in Canada, where the show apparently comes on an hour earlier than on the East Coast. THIS WILL NOT STAND!

WARNING: What is under the cut is a bit jumbled, but then so was the episode. I meant to write a run down of fave moments, but it turned into a recap. SORRY! BUT NOT REALLY BECAUSE I POSTED IT ANYWAY!

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Random: in case you haven't already devoured these, have some Bonnie & Damon,and some Matt & Elena. Basically, Smith wrote some little lost moment fics. Cute, nothing special. Had to *lol* at Matt having $27 in his wallet for his first date with Elena. Back in 1990, I'm sure that was enough for a movie and dinner, but now? Hale to the naw.
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Stuff under cuts is short. And yes, second entry of the day. WHUT?!

1.) Chris Pine is rumored to be taking over as Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan. I posted about it on [ profile] ontd_startrek (apologies to those flisters on that comm who are experiencing crossposting difficulties, but I'M REALLY EFFING THRILLED ABOUT THIS!) Paramount confirmed it in Variety and Yahoo! News had it on their front page yesterday, so obviously it's true. Obviously. (I'M BEING WILDLY OPTIMISTIC HERE. HUMOR ME.) That would be amazing- not only would it wipe the slate clean of all that Affleck-fail (he really needs to stick with directing) but now is the time for some Jack Ryan. He's the thinking Bond- a political animal with patriotic sensibilities, a love of family, etc. but not annoying in an overwrought Republican way. Frankly with all the shit going on in the world it's time he came back. I'm hoping Pine gets to play Ryan Jr. and they do "The Teeth of the Tiger". Actually, I don't care- any Ryan will do. ANY.

2.) Note to the folks who make "Glee"- please start making episodes that last for several days, because a mere 42 minutes cannot contain the awesomeness. Last night's episode? GENIUS. Cannot wait for next week and have pre-ordered the first season on DVD. (Cast was apparently in DC recently- WHY DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS???)

I like minorities so much I'm thinking of moving to California to become one! )

3.) Oh, TVD, you're like a Twinkie. One that's been made from scratch by the Barefoot Contessa or something. I want to wave you off as fluff, but the fluff is so so good. Watched "You're Undead to Me" last Sunday while recovering from hellride.

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Random, but I had no idea the CW has a music page for their shows. Have you seen this? IT'S AWESOME.

4.) Reading "Touch of Dead"- I love the idea that CHarris wrote fanfic for her own series. :D
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I was looking for pictures for more Ian Somerhalder icons (I was killing time waiting for Teh Governator to stop talking) and stumbled on IGN's review of the pilot shown at ComicCon:

blah blah blah blah blah vampire blah blah )

TL;DR: Critics are so useless sometimes. I like the reviews they used to do (still might) in CMJ that said things like "You'll like this band if you like (these)" because I got a pretty good idea just based on that if it was worth it to buy a CD. And I tend to go by that for tv shows too- the person who recommended "Glee" already knew I liked Bryan Fuller, so she recc'd the show. Personally, I'd pitch this show as good if you liked the idea of Twilight without the sparkle-pires, bitchy heroine and weird pregnancy shit. Or if you like True Blood without all the... sex? Okay, that came out all wrong.

Pilot review (not the one I quoted, that was from the SDCC review) here.

And here's a clip from Ep. 4 "Family Ties" of "Vampire Diaries"- it's a scene between Stefan and Damon and the site I got it from called it "spoilery" but really it's just a scene showing the dynamic between the two brothers. And if you don't think Damon is awesome after you watch you weren't looking hard enough, you food court goth, you:

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