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HAHAHAHA! I have 17 (18?) followers on Tumblr and I get a few notes once in awhile, but I just posted about bacon chocolate chip cookies on my Tumblr and got 7 reblogs/likes in one day. Clearly, I need to include bacon in everything. CLEARLY.

Changed the plan for NYC- going up on Sunday morning with Patti and coming back that night. I hate up-and-backs when it comes to New York, but in terms of money and time it seemed more sensible to save my resources for the drive.

Walk through in a day or two. Need to start collecting boxes. Getting rid of things. I'm at the point where my stuff is comprised of Books, Gifts, Cooking Stuff, Clothes. Bike Stuff, Furniture. Everything else is Garbage.

Things I would love to get rid of before I go- the giant box of film negatives and prints, and the giant box of CDs. I'm seeing a day at the farm just loading up iTunes. Yick. I'm going to find out how much it would be to transfer all the photo stuff and whether it would be worth it to buy a photo scanner instead.

Next up- new DSLR. Yeah, still haven't gotten it yet and it's ANNOYING. Leaning toward the Nikon D5100, but want to try the Canon T3i before I slap down a wad of cash. Just to see how the camera feels in my hands.

Making peppermint brownies and something with coconut milk in it today. Haven't even opened a single can of the stuff and I'm already sick of it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
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ETA: Oh EXCELLENT. So first I can't post on LJ, now I can't edit on LJ. I can enable comments, but... srsly, guys?

1.) Couldn't sleep, watching Graham Norton- old episode with Colin Farrell, Rihanna, some guy from Wales I honestly don't know (Oh, Rhod Gilbert! Nope, still don't know him.), and Daniel Radcliffe (they found a guy in the audience who looks like him to be a standin until DanRad swings by after he walks the red carpet for HP:DH 1 or 2). Anyway, moved to post because Colin Farrell was shilling LONDON BOULEVARD. I am ENRAGED about this, let me tell you WHY:

Random blather under a cut for length. )

2.) Tried on some clothes yesterday because, well, I have nothing to wear to work today. I have one pair of pants I can wear, and I thought I'd really like a dress so I tried on a bunch at Ann Taylor. I've gained SO much weight that, well, *whine* *moan* whatevs. I'm the biggest I've ever been, I'm terribly out of shape, and I've got three batches of citrus curd in the fridge which I very much enjoyed making, but it occurs to me that as much fun as I had cooking it, I've really got to start jarring the stuff and giving it away, because just having it in the fridge seems to have added to my weight issues (What? It's butter, eggs, sugar, and juice cooked on the stove and it's SCRUMMY on the scones I have in the freezer. SCRUMMY. Dammit. And sitting about all weekend with the laptop and the rain did not help things.

Anyway, didn't buy the stuff I tried on because most of it wasn't on sale, was a size that I'm not happy about (will get over that shortly, but buying a $100 "fat dress"? Ugh.), and the salesgirl did a shit job of taking care of me. I used to work retail, and if you want to make your sales goals you don't just start a dressing room for someone and then disappear, you CHECK ON THEM. Especially if the person has brought you an armload of clothes and has a store card and is not afraid to use it.

Also, I AM ANNOYED because the curd is just not coming out how I want it to- creamy and opaque. It's delicious, but it's transluscent and gelatinous, which is what I see at the store, but at ABC Kitchen the lemon curd was thick and closer to fruit butter or clotted cream in terms of texture. Actually, last batch I made was pretty close- could be a touch brighter, but of the three it's the closest. One more batch and I should have it down. One. more. batch. *wibble*

4.) OOH. NEW GLEE PROJECT AVAILABLE ON ONDEMAND. It aired less than 12 hours ago and now I CAN HAZ WATCH. I already know the outcome for this ep, but it's the journey, bb. (Yeah, I'm not reviewing these any more, but I'm still watching.) And jsyk, the spoilers for who got booted in 'Generosity' were wrong. And I'm glad. :)

5.) Seeing promos for "Win Win", "Just Peck", and the incredibly amazing looking "BURKE AND HARE" which will probably do poorly because Americans have no sense of humor about grave-robbing. Srsly, UK-ians, stop with the fighting and get back to making awesome cultural contributions. I beg you.

Agh. I think I'm just going to shower, pop some Advil and go in early today. Happy Monday folks!

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