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I made avocado ice cream. It's flippin' epic! I feel like I should make pie now, but I don't want to- because then I'll have to eat all of it and that way lies... ooh! GUESTS ON SUNDAY. THEY SHOULD HAVE CHERRY PIE. YES.

Okay, I admit it- I have a can of Oregon Bings in syrup in the pantry (not an 8-pack, though, I swear). But I make my crust by hand. Always.

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HAHAHAHA! I have 17 (18?) followers on Tumblr and I get a few notes once in awhile, but I just posted about bacon chocolate chip cookies on my Tumblr and got 7 reblogs/likes in one day. Clearly, I need to include bacon in everything. CLEARLY.

Changed the plan for NYC- going up on Sunday morning with Patti and coming back that night. I hate up-and-backs when it comes to New York, but in terms of money and time it seemed more sensible to save my resources for the drive.

Walk through in a day or two. Need to start collecting boxes. Getting rid of things. I'm at the point where my stuff is comprised of Books, Gifts, Cooking Stuff, Clothes. Bike Stuff, Furniture. Everything else is Garbage.

Things I would love to get rid of before I go- the giant box of film negatives and prints, and the giant box of CDs. I'm seeing a day at the farm just loading up iTunes. Yick. I'm going to find out how much it would be to transfer all the photo stuff and whether it would be worth it to buy a photo scanner instead.

Next up- new DSLR. Yeah, still haven't gotten it yet and it's ANNOYING. Leaning toward the Nikon D5100, but want to try the Canon T3i before I slap down a wad of cash. Just to see how the camera feels in my hands.

Making peppermint brownies and something with coconut milk in it today. Haven't even opened a single can of the stuff and I'm already sick of it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
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My router kicked out on Saturday so I called Netgear to see what was up and OH SORRY YOUR WARRANTY RAN OUT. GIVE US $$$ AND WE WILL FIX IT FOR YOU. Me: "..." The guy from Comcast just left a few mins ago. He managed to coax the router back to life. :)

Told the aunt and uncle and they were supportive and happy for me. They only said "expensive" once, maybe twice, but aside from that it was a great talk. The pitcher of St. Germaine cocktail with sparkling wine and club soda helped, I think. My aunt is pure gold- I know that part of her being who she is to me is that she's not my mother, but I still feel like she gets me liek whoah and that means so so much.

I really want to leave now and get started. I might fly out in a week or so with some stuff and just chill for a bit- introduce myself around town and put out some feelers. Better than sitting around, trying to plot ways to use up the baking stuff (I  have 5 cans of coconut milk. FIVE. When did I become a crazy coconut milk hoarding person?) and frittering away my savings.

Last two movies: Scre4m and Paul. If you can figure out the linky, let me know so I can tell you how awesome you are. (Also, in the case of Scre4m- do not watch the making of before the movie. SPOILERS.)

Next up: 30 Minutes or Less and Beginners. CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER. CHRISTOPHER. PLUMMER.

Weekend in NYC ahead! Bussing up on Friday morning and staying somewhere for two nights and then the play (THE PLAY. ALAN RICKMAN.) is on Sunday afternoon. Anyone have a spare couch or warm patch of floor I can use for two nights? Anyone?

Today I'm throwing out more stuff (ie going to the Goodwill), recycling a very old Vaio with a fried motherboard, picking up the Shuttle, and dropping off some yarn with [personal profile] sparkfrost at her place o' business. Can't wait. :)

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1.) Raining today. Feeling sort of calm and content. Heading out for a burger and a shake in a bit. Maybe hit up Redbox tonight for Drive and 50/50. Or getting a swimsuit- Old Navy is stocking swimwear now and it's CUTE. All retro 'n' stuff.

2.) Sent my landlady a more "me" thank you because my initial email was all SRS BSNS and she reiterated that she'll miss me. :)

3.) A younger cousin of mine is getting married in late summer. He and his fiance are fun- might go down there one more time before I go. I hope they still invite me to the wedding, because I'll HAPPILY fly, or drive, back for it. Don't want to miss out, but I definitely won't stay another *counts on fingers* 3-4 months just for that. Seems like there is always something, yes?

4.) Made red velvet cupcakes for the blog I'm doing with [personal profile] roh_wyn and I think folks were a little turned off by the frosting- boiled frosting rather than cream cheese. And I didn't boil the milk and flour long enough, so I had to add some things and in the end I had some leftovers. Ah well. They'll make good cakepops with chocolate frosting and chocolate couverture.

5.) Sun is starting to come out, so it feels more like this:

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1.) Thinking of changing my tumblr from Dish Meets Spoon to The Partly Cloudy Kitchen because the light in there is so bad it's like it's always partly cloudy. In mah kitchen. Thinkies? Srsly, would love your opinion.

2.) Went to happy hour with some folks I haven't seen in ages. Some folks mentioned doing stuff in the next few weeks, so here's hoping because I've been a lil' too hermity lately. :p

3.) Blood oranges are in stores now. And Meyer lemons. MEYER. LEMONS. Bought a bag today that had a recipe for a tart on it I have to try! :D

4.) Tomorrow I'm taking the Shuttle in for a tuneup (computer, not car), then hanging out with Patti and planning our trip to Broadway. Sunday is knitting with [personal profile] sparkfrost ! Turns out I need a TUNISIAN CROCHET HOOK for the afghan. And that nobody has one. But mama needs a new pair of socks, so might go ahead and start a pair. :)

5.) Made mango avocado salsa and sauteed tilapia for lunch today. Highly recommend if you like fish and fruitses.

6.) Watching Hugh Bonneville (Lord "Daddy" Grantham) in "Mansfield Park". THE HAIR.

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