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Add "molecular gastronomie" to your interests. DO IT. If you don't know what that is, it's a really stunning amalgamation of food and science. The best known source of this stuff is HERE and locally at Jose Andres' Minibar, which I have yet to visit, because it's goddamn expensive.

Wednesday Tav and I had dinner- hadn't seen each other for yonks (and I do mean yonks- it's been at least a year if not more) and after a glass of wine we were back to being thick as thieves. My coworker, on his birthday, brought me the CUTEST lil' linzertorte from the 'strant he went to for his b-day lunch. I shared it with Tav- served with creme fraiche ice cream and strawberry basil sauce. Holy gawd. Tav couldn't finish the cake and asked me to wrap it up so she could take it home, so you know it was good stuff. Must learn how to make a linzer torte.

Last night I saw a high school friend I literally hadn't heard from since 1995, and I think we're seeing a baseball game tonight- if it doesn't rain and I don't pass out from exhaustion (bedtime was 3am, wake-up was 7:30. Guh.)- and probably hanging out at a vineyard a friend of hers owns on Saturday. Kiki is in from Minnesota and that's news, because now I have yet another reason to visit Minnesota, as if a good third of my flist weren't enough. She and I seem to have meandered down the same life paths, but she's a helluva lot cheerier than I've been lately, so clearly she was a good person to reconnect with and Facebook is not the real evol.

Also, Kiki and her hubs are trying to sell a house in Colorado Springs, Colo. For $188,000. Yes, that is a "1" and 2 "8"'s and 3, not 6, "0"'s. It's under contract, but they've gotten to this stage before. While I hope it all works, part of me would kinda... like... to... live in... Colo-fuckin'-rado. Because... COLORADO. MOUNTAIN BIKING. SNOWBOARDING. HIKING. B-B-B-B-BEER. EFFING HIPPYTASTIC LIFESTYLE. AND THE HOUSE IS LESS THAN $200K. Having a job there would be good, but FUCKING HALE. *koff* Sorry. Got carried away there.
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1.) Last night was a dark and stormy night. WoooooooOOOOOOOOOHooooooo! O.o Kewl!

2.) Thanks for all the support and good wishes. My head feels a little less swollen (har.) and the large bruise on the side of my head is no longer yellow. Ew.

On Saturday morning I've got an agent showing me the house across the street- curious to see what $850K buys you these days- then Adina is coming with me while an agent she recommended shows me a bunch of places. I would so SO love to get out of here by the end of the month if possible, so if I find something in the next few weeks I'll be actively looking for someone to take my place. Someone with a drumset, who drums all night and sleeps very heavily all day, but who is very neat. ;)

3.) Last night I watched the season (Series? They've been alluding to a 9th season, which they've already shot a few episodes of but which the network hasn't greenlit.) finale of "Scrubs". Argh. It was cute- all about J.D.'s last day at the hospital.

Toward the end there was a nice long scene featuring J.D. dreaming about marrying Elliot, having kids, hanging out with the Turks and Perry and Jordan at Christmas with all of their kids, all set to "Book of Love" by Peter Gabriel, which has the power to cause even the most hard hearted bitch to weep (you might recognize it from one of the scenes toward the end of the American version of "Shall We Dance"). This hardened bitch, however, did not weep- too tired and dehydrated, apparently. It would have been nice, but it went on way, way too long and was looped and repeated, etc. Lame ending.

That said, I'm sad it's all over. It was fun, inventive, colorful, quiptastic, and managed to treat medicine and life with a generous measure of humor. Now I guess I have to buy the DVDs and watch Zach Braff go from geeky to cute over and over and over and over...

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