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1.) Hi, my name is Liz and I shouldn't be allowed to talk to famous people. EVER. Really, it would just be better for everyone.

It wasn't that bad, just a series of very weird little moments. Talking to David Sedaris is very much like talking to an old maiden aunt in pearls who has a quick mind and, while generous to a fault, has already decided that you're a bit of a nit because you're her nephew Arnold's boy and he's nothing but a Republican and an accountant, for the love of gawd. It. was. surreal. He asked me over and over and over if I'd met Obama and finally I said "yes" just to change the subject. (YES. I LIED TO THE FAMOUS AUTHOR MAN. I AM SCUM.) But it allowed him to deliver his punchline, so he was happy. I was bewildered. Still am, actually.

Speaking of surreal, just for giggles and to amuse me (you know you want to), when you respond to this post, finish this sentence:

"When you are engulfed in flames..." (<--- which, by the way, is the title of Sedaris' latest book)

Or start with something as in "The world is a bright and cheery place when you are engulfed in flames."

2.) Irving Penn died yesterday. He was 92, but apparently missed the memo that he was supposed to stick around another decade or so.

3.) I had no idea Spike Jonze was from Rockville. Good thing he didn't go back there and waste another year, eh R.E.M.? Retrospective at MoMA. Looking forward to "Where the Wild Things Are" now because the constant promotion of it has pummeled me into submission.

4.) Hanging out at home tonight, getting ready for the weekend. All I have to do is pack, get my bike stuff together, have a bit of dinner (Spanish eggplant roasted with salad topped with purple peppers), clean the kitchen and get some sleep, but something tells me I'll find a way to bollocks that up even so. Xp

5.) Read this story, read the bit from his blog and tell me what you think. Was his freedom of speech curtailed? Is he an idiot for getting bent over $3?
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I was looking for pictures for more Ian Somerhalder icons (I was killing time waiting for Teh Governator to stop talking) and stumbled on IGN's review of the pilot shown at ComicCon:

blah blah blah blah blah vampire blah blah )

TL;DR: Critics are so useless sometimes. I like the reviews they used to do (still might) in CMJ that said things like "You'll like this band if you like (these)" because I got a pretty good idea just based on that if it was worth it to buy a CD. And I tend to go by that for tv shows too- the person who recommended "Glee" already knew I liked Bryan Fuller, so she recc'd the show. Personally, I'd pitch this show as good if you liked the idea of Twilight without the sparkle-pires, bitchy heroine and weird pregnancy shit. Or if you like True Blood without all the... sex? Okay, that came out all wrong.

Pilot review (not the one I quoted, that was from the SDCC review) here.

And here's a clip from Ep. 4 "Family Ties" of "Vampire Diaries"- it's a scene between Stefan and Damon and the site I got it from called it "spoilery" but really it's just a scene showing the dynamic between the two brothers. And if you don't think Damon is awesome after you watch you weren't looking hard enough, you food court goth, you:

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