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I. Making a batch of PDQ (ie 24hr) pickles. They are a quickie version of absolutely nomtastic bread'n'butter pickles. My fave. I'll definitely finish them before I leave. I say again: Noms.

II. Got an email yesterday about a new exhibit coming up at the Met's Costume Institute: Schiaparelli and Prada, Impossible Conversations. And the cousins I was going to visit in LA are going to be here in DC by the time I get to their neck of the woods. Which proves that life happens when you're busy making other plans and there is never a "good" or a "right" time to do anything. Truth. In the immortal words of Nike: Just do it.

III. Joined the San Diego Museum of Art mailing list. Balboa Park is one of my favorite places in SD. My only quibble is that museums charge fees out there, but that just means I'm going to pick my outings carefully. And the park is worth a visit any time. Can't wait!

IV. Here's a deep, dark sekrit: I have a wedding dress. It's a cream silk satin sleeveless Jones of New York with a high front and a draped back, princess seaming, and a lil' bit of a crinoline. I bought it for $80 at Filene's for my wedding to the Japanese guy (which never happened because he turned out to be Peter Pan, etc.) and I've been carrying it around since 2001. This is the last time I'm packing it up.

Yup, it's going with me. Along with a gorgeous $50 20s-style beaded cocktail frock and the bridesmaid dress my mother wore to my aunt's wedding (really cool 60's Pucci-esque long gown).

When I get to Utah, I'm going to ask Rusty to help me figure out what to do with the wedding dress, and then when I get to California, I'm doing it. Dye it, decorate it with beading or maybe a silk flower or two, maybe trim it to knee length so I can actually wear it. Or I'm going to donate it to a thrift shop between UT and SD, because enough with the baggage already. Enough.

V. Friend of mine from college is coming over next week to help me move some things back to my folks' house and tell me what boxes he can store for me. I've emptied out my linen closet, thrown away a lot of the paper I've been trucking around- program from college crew dinner? GONE. Things are getting done. Feels really good. :)

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