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HAHAHAHA! I have 17 (18?) followers on Tumblr and I get a few notes once in awhile, but I just posted about bacon chocolate chip cookies on my Tumblr and got 7 reblogs/likes in one day. Clearly, I need to include bacon in everything. CLEARLY.

Changed the plan for NYC- going up on Sunday morning with Patti and coming back that night. I hate up-and-backs when it comes to New York, but in terms of money and time it seemed more sensible to save my resources for the drive.

Walk through in a day or two. Need to start collecting boxes. Getting rid of things. I'm at the point where my stuff is comprised of Books, Gifts, Cooking Stuff, Clothes. Bike Stuff, Furniture. Everything else is Garbage.

Things I would love to get rid of before I go- the giant box of film negatives and prints, and the giant box of CDs. I'm seeing a day at the farm just loading up iTunes. Yick. I'm going to find out how much it would be to transfer all the photo stuff and whether it would be worth it to buy a photo scanner instead.

Next up- new DSLR. Yeah, still haven't gotten it yet and it's ANNOYING. Leaning toward the Nikon D5100, but want to try the Canon T3i before I slap down a wad of cash. Just to see how the camera feels in my hands.

Making peppermint brownies and something with coconut milk in it today. Haven't even opened a single can of the stuff and I'm already sick of it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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Date: 2012-03-09 09:12 pm (UTC)
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You may find this review helpful -

600D is the European name for the T3i.

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Date: 2012-03-09 11:03 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] taperoo2k
The review has image samples (including ISO noise levels), and will have the same for the Nikon.

My advice is always go for the camera that feels right in your hands.
Low Light is not the issue as such. It's about how well a sensor in conjunction with the image processor deals with the noise genereated. The speed of the lens used is also a factor, along with shutter speeds.
If you really want to control noise levels then you will have to shoot in RAW and use something like Adobe's Lightroom which has excellent noise control tools.
Lightroom in my humble view is the best tool for photographers, it's easy to sort through files and edit them. What takes hours in Photoshop takes minutes in Lightroom (unless you are doing something complex).
The only time I reach for Elements is when I need to use the content aware tool and layers (Adobe has kept that out of Lightroom to stop Photoshop sales being gobbled up no doubt).

My Shooting and editing process is quite refined -
1. Shoot in RAW never jpeg.
2. Download photos using Canon software (delete the crap stuff or move it
into a different folder, this is where my post processing mountain starts).
3. Import files into Lightroom
4. Rate files in the catalog module
5. Edit Files in the develop module
6. Export as jpegs or tif files or upload files from within lightroom
to Flickr and so on.

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