Feb. 28th, 2012

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1.) Watched the Oscars and tweeted/Facebook'd along. Emma Stone was awesome, of course. I have mixed feelings about the Oscars- I love movies, but I can't help the slightly worrying feeling that I am spending time watching other people be awesome when I should be spending more time being awesome. Really must start doing something about that.

A friend of Rusty's agrees. We're going to try and make a movie. Will be starting to send him story treatments in the next day or so, based on the short stories I've written for pulped_fictions, so I've been poking around a bit looking for goodies. And I'm just amazed that I've been a member for so long, because as social as I am, I'm not really into joining clubs and yet this special group of folks welcomed me and wow. How awesome! How lucky. :)

2.) The Cutting Edge turns 20 this year and it's still one of my favorite movies. Aside from the slightly misty light you see in the film (which I guess is down to age) and the sad looking titles (this was pre-funky CGI-effects and weird fonts) it's still wonderful. And it reminds me of how much I used to to love skating, and how much I still love sports movies (esp. ones that happen during the winter Olympics) and nice bad boys and bitchy good girls falling in love. :)

3.) Tomorrow (or rather "later") I'm making cupcakes and going for drinks in Baltimore with my sister and two of her friends, IF all goes well. I am optimism. Time for sleep. 

But first, a few more minutes of Cutting Edge (because it's apparently a MARATHON of awesomeness). Wanna skate! :D

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Okay folks, full disclosure time: I've bitched long and hard, but now I'm doing something about it. I'm leaving D.C.

Trufax! Just now emailed my landlady and building manager giving a month's notice. Telling family tonight and Friday, and local friends Saturday.

So, if you want to see me in my natural habitat or just see a friendly face while visiting our Nation's Capitol, there's an expiration date. Moving out on the 31st of March, leaving the area by the 15th of April at the latest.

Where am I going? GLAD YOU ASKED!

I will be driving across our great country, ending up at the doorstep of one [personal profile] zomgjess , who has kindly agreed to let me stay on her couch for a bit while I get myself acclimated to the great state of California.

On my drive I plan to visit large houses made of faux cheese, giant balls of string, eateries that serve things like deep fried tater tots, and (hopefully) you!

If you are around the first two weeks of April, let me know. My plans are still up in the air, but I have a high school friend in Minnesota, a buddy in Texas, a friend in Utah, and cousins in Seattle I need to see.

Nervous? Scared? YOU BET! But I'm also excited- something I haven't felt in a very long time. So... YAY! :D
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1.) Got a super-nice response from my landlady- she emailed that I was a "pleasure" to have as a tenant and she wishes me luck. And that she thinks the walk-thru and damage inspection shouldn't be a problem. Yay. I was braced for crankiness because that's what I usually get so it was nice to get a warm fuzzy. More of that I say. :)

2.) So the next thing on my list is to get my camera. Getting a Nikon D5100, just have to decide on glass ('lenses' to everyone not Kev or Beth or Hema or me). (Henh.)

3.) Talked to my sister tonight and told her what was up. She was super-supportive. We hung out in Baltimore with two friends of hers, had beers at this great lil' pub and then dinner at a Poe-themed place called the Annabel Lee (I got the COOLEST pint glass- one more thing to drag to Cali. *lol*). James told me that for beer I'm going to MECCA, and Anne gave me a recipe for Hot Milk cake from a Maryland-themed cookbook. Making it tomorrow, probably! I still have a lot to learn about the state I've called home for so many years, but that's what happens. Right before you leave a place, things just open up and get interesting. *lol* Definitely going back before I leave.

4.) Saw this on Pinterest. Off to write fanfic. Or rather "sleep". Yes. That.

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