May. 17th, 2009 11:38 pm
lillbet: (cu2mrw?)
1.) Today I saw 5 apartments. One of which was pretty damn cool, except that it's located in BFE Maryland and I would not feel comfy walking around there alone at night. Ah well. Got a month and miles to go before I sleep. I'll find something.

2.) Saturday, Kiki (high school friend), her friend Terry and I went to Black Ankle Vineyards in Mt. Airy- owned by Kiki's childhood friend and her husband. My gawd, that was fun. A wine tasting, a cheese plate, and a chill on the patio later (which reminded me of Cali so bad I was in awe) we rolled home, dropped off Terry and picked up Janna (another long lost HS friend) and went out for dinner. Frozen margs and good chatter ftw.

3.) Ran out of space on my harddrive. YIKES. O.o Might try and get Bran to help me do an upgrade on the Shuttle.

4.) Funny story- I saw a cute pair of Reef flip flops with gold straps I thought would be great for cute caj, and couldn't figure out if the 7 or 8 fit better, so I bought them both. Then returned the 8's. Was getting ready to go out the other night and slid them on, only to find out I'd returned one of the 7's by mistake. That was Thursday. Finally got that sorted today. Xp

5.) Watched Kenneth Branagh in "Wallander". The man is awesome. I hate that he and Emma Thompson didn't last, but damn...

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