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Seminar was good. We had lunch at New York Beer Company before the show. The play was excellent, but I could "hear" Jeff Goldblum in my head too, which was weird (he's taking over for Rickman in April). Crowded in there. :)

We had mojitos post show and then the bus back from NYC was wikkid late and we got back around 1:30am. I popped in ear plugs and slept until 9:30 or so, but still today has been a wash in terms of getting stuff done. Tired. Headache until a hour or two ago. X0

Boxes. So many boxes. Kels (Boyfriend for a Day Guy) is coming out on Friday to help me sort through stuff and (hopefully) take some of these boxes away. I could be more excited, but it would be HAAAAAAAAARD.

Made avocado ice cream today. Strangely delicious. Fresh avocados, slightly soft, are so good I could eat them with a spoon. A SPOON. They almost didn't make it into the blender.

Alan Rickman WAS AMAZING. AMAZING. We had our picture taken with him. Sort of.

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Date: 2012-03-15 01:31 am (UTC)
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Avocados have been great lately. I had one today that I had diced and put in my homemade chicken tortilla soup. It was great. Now I still have one more avocado left, plus a mango and tomato. I plan to do something delicious with them, but I'm not exactly sure yet what it will be.

Unfortunately, I just can't imagine avocado ice cream.

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